At Gorgeous our expert team pride ourselves in our expertise and experience in all forms of cutting, finishing and styling. Couple this with personalised in depth consultations, assessments of your hair, plus  your full input  and we will give you a suitable wearable look.  As well as this we give excellent advice on hair maintenance, haircare by way of product use and home upkeep. Put all of this together and we believe your Gorgeous cutting/styling experience will be unsurpassed. Oh did we mention head, neck and shoulder massages, hand massages and super comfy back washes, yes we did! 



We take great care and pride in the excellence of our colour knowledge, the services we offer and our ability to give long lasting , natural colour . We are experts in disguising those unwanted visitors called Grey!! and are brilliant at super shiny highlites and lowlites. come in for an in depth consultation where we will assess every aspect of you and your hair to give you super results. we won't blah blah blah a bout our training suffice to say we have had loads! We have a colour product to suit every need from organic, to super sensitive to non ammonia based colours.



We offer the latest in innovation and technology when it comes to hair extensions. firstly we use no glue or bonding. secondly we do not affect your hair . we use 100% human hair "microloop" hair extensions. the hair feels and looks great and we will match your colour perfectly or of course you can have a colour system to suit any chosen look. click on the link to see how we do it. it's quick, easy and painless and so much more affordable than mono fibre. Please call us with any queries you may have.
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Blow Dry Bar

At our Blowdry bar you can pop in and have any one of 9 uber street styles for the ultimate party /launch night. Just book your appointment , choose your style (suitable to your hair type and texture) and we'll do the rest. After 30 minutes and £25 you'll be transformed .


Keratin/Brazilian Blowdry

Our Brazilian blowdrys are formaldehyde free,they are Keratin infused and the technology is rapidly developing all the time to give you great results. the results are instantly noticeable and last for upto 4 months, repeated use will result in a longer (upto 6 months) treatment. Our treatments can be used on all hair types and allow hair to eventually return to its natural state. a must for difficult lt to control, dry, frizzy  or unruly hair. So an amazing smoothing treatment for most hair types.


Special Hair, Hair up, Styling

Here at Gorgeous we are lucky to have some very talented people. Nuria is one of these people, a genius with plaiting, braiding and dressing and styling, she can create the ultimate party look or the most beautiful bridal look for your special day. Feel free to book in or pop in and discuss your look or perhaps arrange a trial run and see how good she is.

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