Our philosophy at Gorgeous is simple , we call it 4g service, Great service, Great staff, Great salon at a Great Price. We want all of our guests to feel that we care about what they want and we aim to deliver just that from the moment you walk in the door. Gorgeous is without doubt a customer friendly salon where your needs are our priority.

The Team

The Gorgeous team is a small creative team headed by Guy Parsons. Senior stylists include Guy, , Nuria and Jenny. Each of the Team brings there own unique creative influence to the salon. Couple this with fantastic levels of warm friendly customer service and it is easy to see why Gorgeous is the salon of choice in Kensal Rise and Queens Park.

Guy Parsons

Guy has over 30 years experience in hairdressing. Starting at Vidal Sassoon his skill has taken him all over the world, working with and leading the greatest hairdressers, with such Illustrious clients as Annie Lennox, Jade Jagger, Robbie Williams, Ralph Fiennes to name but a few all gracing the salons he has had,
It is no wonder that his relaxed, communicative and charming manner puts clients at ease from the word go. Guy is a true colour expert, a master of grey disguise and quite frankly a genius when it comes to highlighting and colour correction and maintenance. His knowledge of hair and scalp is unparalleled and he holds the rare ability of being not only a superb hairdresser but also a hair doctor - A Trichologist.
Guy is available in the salon most days and is more than happy to give telephone consultations and interviews for clients or press. It is no wonder that Guy has kept many of his clients for over 20 years. 






0208 969 2131



12 Station Terrace
London NW10 5RT


We are a dedicated My Hair Doctor salon and offer the full line of Haircare .


With 90% of their essential oils and 89% of the raw herbal ingredients  certified organic! no wonder My Hair Doctor is a fantastic addition to the UK haircare market. Here at Gorgeous we believe we have something for every hair type and a solution to every hair problem as well as the perfect home maintenance system. If we haven't already told you what's best for your hair just ask, we'll be happy to help and believe we have all the answers. we also offer a no quibble return  - if you used it once or twice and don't like it, well exchange it , no problem.



All colour services include a rough-dry with an assistant,
if you want a guaranteed proper blowdry we will happily to that for you at a charge of only £10 


Salon 0208 9692131 / 0208 9692165
W: gorgeouskr .com
Gorgeous Hairdressing
12 Station Terrace
London NW10 5 RT

I have been going to see Guy for over 20 years , most recently for 7 years in Kensal Rise, he is one of the best hairdressers I know , he is an expert at colour and a brilliant hair cutter too, I would not change anything or definitely not him or the salon . I always feel looked after, the salon is calm , quiet and all the team are very attentive , a lovely place!
— Nicola , Notting Hill
I love Gorgeous , I think the salon is great , I see one of the seniors Agnes who is the best blowdryer I know , it lasts for days , and I can’t live without her!
— Rachel G, Kensal Rise
I have been visiting Gorgeous for over three years now , I have my hair cut by Guy and coloured by Agnes. I like the salon , it is clean , calm and with lovely touches like fresh flowers, great magazines, the best coffee. Then there are the extras like hand massages , scalp massages and wonderful hair washing . I love my cut , I love my colour and I love Gorgeous!
— Melanie North Kensington
Gorgeous is the best salon around Queens Park and Kensal Rise and I should know I’ve been to them all! I have my hair done with Guy or Agnes and sometimes blowdryed and dressed by Jay . They are all excellent, the salon is great , the coffee is delicious and of course there is the lovely , adorable house dog Dotty, who is worth the visit alone
— Steph Queens Park


Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp. It stems from the Greek word 'trichos', meaning 'hair' and the suffix 'ology', which means 'the study of'. A trichologist specialises in all matters relating to hair and scalp health.

At Myhairdoctor we are concerned with treating and addressing both the medical and cosmetic side of the hair and scalp. This ranges from severe hair and scalp disorders, such as scarring alopecia and alopecia areata, to your hairs' general condition, texture, health and appearance.

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Guy Parsons

Gorgeous Hairdressing
12 Station Terrace
London NW10 5RT
T. 0208 9692131